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One of the advantages of being a Silver Level Subscriber of The Netrix is that you get access to weekly live sessions with Craig over Zoom.  These are called VMC's and stand for Virtual Magic Club. Every week Craig breaks down a particular aspect of magical performance.  It could be a trick, a move, a genre or anything really.  Regularly Craig is joined by special guests that talk about a specialist area of expertise.


Not only that but the sessions are recorded and dropped into your account if you are a Silver Level Subscriber.  This means that if you cannot attend live you will still have access to all of the information and teachings.  In addition when you subscribe at Silver Level you also get access to every single Virtual Magic Club that has taken place since The Netrix started.  That's a lot of magic!


Below is a schedule of the VMC's that are taking place this month.  If you are already a subscriber, check your emails or look in the Silver Level Community to get the links that you will need this month to attend.


The Virtual Magic Club is a massive part of being a Silver Level Subscriber of The Netrix so if you are free, please make sure you attend.


We will see you there!

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VMC 30 - Coins Across Beginner

Sun 13th November 9pm UK time


Coins Across Beginner - Coins across is probably one of the most popular plots in coin magic. When performed correctly, it leaves your audience gasping and wanting more.  In this session, Craig goes through several simple ways to perform coins across without using any gimmicks. Make sure you bring five coins with you, either half dollar or dollar size.




VMC 31 - Coins Across Intermediate

Sunday 20th November 9pm UK time


Coins Across Intermediate- This session follows on from the previous session teaching coins across.  It expands on the various different ways of performing this classic of magic. Once again, Craig teaches several ways to perform the routine, none of which require any gimmicks at all. Make sure you bring five coins with you, either half dollar or dollar size.




VMC 32 - Wayne Goodman Q&A

Thursday 24th November 9pm UK time


Wayne Goodman Q&A - Wayne Goodman is the latest instructor to be added to The Netrix. He has a wealth of real-world experience, performing magic in almost every environment. He has written dozens of books on the subject of magic. In this Q&A, he does not hold anything back - you can ask him literally anything! He will cover tricks, moves, technique, theory and advice on any subject you can imagine. This session is going to be amazing, make sure you attend.




VMC 33 - Coin Matrix Workshop

Wednesday 30th November 9pm UK time


Coin Matrix Workshop - One of the most popular questions we receive at The Netrix is how to perform the classic coin assembly, otherwise known as The Matrix.  There are lots of ways to perform this trick, some more difficult than others.  In this session Craig breaks down the plot and goes through several practical ways of performing it.  Make sure you bring five coins and a soft surface like a close-up mat.


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